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Who will tell this guy that the score is a relative matter? In some matches, 180 is a good score, while in some others 280 is not. BD team think tank terribly misses out the dynamicity in their thinking based on the match condition. With that type of pre-planned target, they will even be more and more static.

Bangladesh certainly can not score 240+ in each match - they do not need to - but not achieveing such target will put more pressure on the players and they will be more and more void of confidence.

Siddons said it was a reality that other teams were better than Bangladesh and his players knew that. "Out there it is a tough game for them with the skill level they have got. Our batsmen average 20; batsmen in other teams average 35. So it's 350 for them versus 200 for us. That is the reality of the situation."

I do not understand what this guy is up to. And what the good comments like this will bring to the team. IMO, it needs to be a great stupid to make comments like that.
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