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No one is blindly hating Siddons here.

We won 26 out of 48 matches played in the last two years of Whatmore, that's not inconsistent, fairly consistent performance. It didn't take four years to convert us from loosers to winners, it took just over a year.

During the same period we bagged 5 wins against top eight teams, that's inconsistent, but still big wins.

I want to target consistency and match win within the same period of time. Whatmore managed wins, but failed in consistent performance against top teams. Siddons is failing on both grounds.

Whatmore got a bunch of losers, but Siddons received a bunch of inconsistent winners. Siddons's job should have been easier compared to Whatmore's, but he is making the opposite conversion. He has now converted us again into losers and now he have to re-convert us into winners and only then you can be consistent winners.

I don't see a place of consistent losers in world cricket.

Scoring 200 runs cannot be considered as consistent performance when the opponents are scoring 300+.
You only play good cricket when you win/draw matches.
I am with Bangladesh, whether they win or lose .

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