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Originally Posted by Baundule
Miraz bhai, great dig and agree 100% with with your analysis that followed.

He is just putting all our achievement in to garbage and telling the media that we are a piece of **** and every positive thing is his achievement. I am not sure, if JS is targetting the Jatio Sangsad election in December. Everything he says sounds like the voice of of a traditional BD politician. (every failure is up to the past govt, every achievement is a credit of the ruling party.)
I think and sincerely hope that he's more worried about the shambolic state of Bd cricket and less about his self promotion. He is not paid to earn to sugar coat things with honey on top. Facts are facts! We don't have the quality to compete consistently against the top 8 because our players are skills-less. JS's trying to put together a game plan that can maximize each players growth as a cricketer which by extension will help the team cause as well. Let's face it, Bd is a laughing stock of world cricket because our players fail to do even the most basic things correctly. Call it mental mistakes, youthful exuberance or lack of applications, our players simply do not bat with a purpose and seem to be preoccupied with entertaining the crowd with fancy shots rather than trying to master the basics. If our players LEARN to play the high percentage/constructive ways, then our rare wins may not be deemed as "flukes", "anomalies" or "miracles" by the cricketing world. Remember the best way to achieve anything is by earning it with labour and intelligence. JS is trying to teach these guys that there is a method to even madness. Scoops and pedals entertain audience but the true recognition of a batsman comes from his conventional cricket shots. I just don't understand the skepticism lot of people have with his method. Winning is a process and our players have to work hard towards it to achieve it. Our neighbouring countries like India and Srilanka used to lose a lot of games in the past however, they've turned it around by developing a good cricketing culture that promoted the propre cricketing skills. I'm hoping BD can one day reach that state through good leadership.

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