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Originally Posted by Miraz
National team head coach should be someone who can inspire cricketers and bring out the best to overcome their obvious limitations in skills and temperament.
So MIraz, how did you figure that out ? How many more coaches do you want to bring in and experiment with, before you truly know what our problems are?

I am reminded of the day 1989 after Ershad was detained..some people were heart broken...were we not doing a bit too much to that poor old man?

Ok, let's bring back Whatmore, and after a year, and after 1 victory, we might want to reconsider the next choice.

But perhaps we have come to a cross-road...we as a team need to finally decide how we want to progress in world cricket....

....oh, before that, we have that other small thing to figure out...what we really mean and consistantly want to define as "progress." Pull out the reserach books, Miraz.
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