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greece is supposedly going to drown in 200 years time. many other parts of the world might also submerge if global warming raises water levels. however, much of this is at a theoretical stage. we need to look at the example of holland. the low country had made a wealth of fortune by using the flood waters from north sea over the centuries.

whether we submerge or not i think it would be for the good of the nation to look at possible enviromental impact for the burgeoning population if present levels of growth continues. coastal barriers, effective dredging, retaining of flood water for drought season should all be carefully looked at as future possibilities. humanity is always at its very best when adversity strikes. the country is not devoid of talent. so let us gather together and work on a roadmap to solving this impending crisis. i know i won't be alive when the country submerges but since i am willing to think of the future generations, i think you should all do the same.
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