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Something from this 2004 BanglaCricket article of mine seems is pertinent:

Resetting Expectations - Zunaid Kazi (16th April, 2004)

Reality Check
Perhaps a reality check is in order. Especially since we, the Bangladeshi fans, are very volatile and wont to extremes of emotions. Any unexpected failure and the lynch mob will be out in force. We will find a scapegoat and hound him out of the team. What really strikes fear into my aging heart is that our erudite and well-informed-of-cricket-matters press might even launch an oust Dav Whatmore campaign. Given our past history, this is not necessarily an inconceivable scenario. We have a tendency to pillory our coaches or change them like dirty underwear at the slightest hint of failure, whether justified or not 9. Remember the ouster of Gordon Greenidge? Recall the McInnes brouhaha? 10. Perhaps Whatmore is made of sterner stuff. He did, after all, last a while under the shambolic and politicized cricket administration in Sri Lanka which is not unlike that of ours. I would, however, not like to take that chance. Whatmore is the right man for the job. Using a business school analogy, Whatmore is like a CEO of a startup and his job will be done when he can hand over the reigns of the company to a financible CEO. But, that is another story, another article. Movie at 10.
And I am planning to take the CEO analogy further wrt to Siddons.
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