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I think this guy knows what he is doing. He is a opposite type of character to Dav.

I think a good comparison between them is well deserved. This will show us their thinking processes to achieve the goals. Though both of them are from Australia, they differ with each other in almost every single aspect.
  • Dav played for national team while Siddons never got the chance. Though he is considered to be in the list of top 50 ever batsmen in some people's opinion.
  • The best feature of Dav is his inspiration capability. He can some times do wonder by inspiring even a very young team. We have seen the example a few times indeed. But if you work with a single team this way you can achieve wins time to time but never can expect stability in the team in terms of performance. On the other hand, Siddons relies on the hard facts of statistics which shows the capabilities of a player. If you can show you can score runs in at least any form of the game you are in the team. Not a bad idea at all.
  • Dav was really moody type. This was the biggest complaints from the journalists. On the contrary, Siddons some times seem to be too easy going with the team and the press.
  • Siddons wants the team to perform at least moderately every game. If this continues then wins would start to come frequently. On the other hand, Dav wanted wins some games and could allow flat performances other days.
  • Dav didn't work with individual players to fix their problem. We saw same player doing the same mistake over and over again during his tenure. Siddons seems to work with each of them. We saw Tamim becoming a consistent batsman under his supervision. Ash seems to settle down. Kapali the burnt out boy showed wonder yesterday.
Overall rating cannot be done yet. Still he seems to be a good professional coach IMO whom BD really needs at the moment.
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