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Sohel Bhai, Ian Chappell might want to see a good batting from bangladesh. But today if our boys were out within 170 runs Ian Chappell will be the first one to critisise our inclusion in the test world.
Don't listen to thease trigger happy commentators who even don't know the names of the players or their history. So I would say he doesn't even deserve to comment on how that team should be running by it's coach. It's so easy for him to comment and make fun of Siddons Team rulez, as he would be the one to question siddons if BD made a low score.

We BD fans know how our team played before, how they used to throw their wickets away for the sake of their natural stroke plays. All siddon did was to put a leash on that, and see what happens? We get 3 centuries in nearly 3 months. How long was it between 1st and 2nd century or between 2nd and 3rd ?

I am sure 240 total is a target they have to get at least, so players are more careful and that brings more than 240. Soon the target will go up and up, and one day every game they play Siddons will ask for 280 to 300 runs. By the trend of our boys learning curve I think it won't be that far away.

SO please lets support him for another year and see where he takes us, at least he is showing some improvement. So ignore the comments from the commentators who even don't know Bangladeshi players that well or are the one to critisise everyway possible.
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