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So my 3.7 year old is still formulating his world/life views. I try and give him the full explanation for most things but sometimes that stuff is just beyond him. E.g. he roughly understands digestive system (food goes into tummy, tummy works on it to give me energy, muscle/bone, and poopie). But trying to explain what's a balanced diet is bit much for him. So we have developed some arbitrary rules for him. He must have at least half a glass of milk/juice with every meal. He must have two pieces of meat with his rice. We find that at this stage of development it's easier to do this - easier for him to follow along as well. I'm sure once he's a little further developed he'll understand the need for hydration, fiber, carbs, etc.

Look at the the relative experience of our team, the immaturity of our cricket culture and the emerging nature of our infrastructure. Perhaps JS is just a good parent?
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