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First of all, thanks for this timely thread.

At the moment I prefer to remain patient and silent for the next couple of months, but my sixth sense is telling me that this Team Rule is guiding us in the right direction.

Also I believe that some people just misunderstand the Team Rule. No doubt that Jamie’s Team Rule emphasizes a lot to hold on to wicket, but at the same time it never tells our batsmen not to play shots of bad deliveries. Since our batsmen are still getting used to the Team Rule, our batsmen, especially captain Mohammad Ashraful, remain a bit tense about their wicket when they are out there in the crease, out of which they sometimes act overcautiously and end up blocking some bad deliveries. However, I sincerely believe that if Jamie’s students stick to what there Guru says, with the passage of time they will overcome this anxiety they suffer because of being cautious and things will be normal.

As for the greatest positive of Jamie effect, I would say it is the increasing stability of our top order and middle order. At least we are trying to get rid of situations like 85-5 after 33 overs. If the top order/middle order collapses, the only thing lower order can do is to survive the full quota. If the top order can build a base, even if it is done slowly, which may seem ugly to some people, the lower order gets the chance to slog.

Oroginally Posted by Dr. Z
Within a year of assuming the stewardship of the National team, Jamie Siddons appears to have polarized the fans like almost no one before.
Dr. Z,

You couldn’t be right more. I have been following BC since 2005 (although registered later), but I have never seen BC polarized over an issue such an extent. Polarization is not bad as long as the generosity exists there. But soon after the generosity vapors, the polarization leads people towards nothing but hostility. No generosity means no tolerance and respect towards others opinion, no generosity means no concession, and no generosity means continuing to defend your opinion even if the reality and fact goes other way round. In the process you become a sort of self-proclaimed “Sob-Janta”.

A noticeable trend of BC forum is the stubbornness of some BCites, which might be attributed to the lack of generosity. And it reached supreme during the Asia Cup. Whether it is out of genuine anger and frustration towards Jamie or to justify what they have already uttered against Jamie, some in the forum wanted BD to do bad in the field. Granted that I am a bad reader and a bad interpreter of the posts (although no one can claim to be a perfect interpreter since no one knows the intention of people except for God), but this time I am not alone. Many others noticed it.

If a list of Kapali basher is made, I will top second right after Rubu bhai. Yet after Kapali scored the ton, I praised to the best way I can. National team after all is the pace for the performers.

If Guru Siddon’s Team Rule succeeds and our beloved Bangladesh become more consistent in the next few months, I will be happy and I promise not to tease anti-Siddons of the time. If it goes other way round, I will graciously admit that me perception about the team rule was wrong.

Sincerely, Bangladesh-Shardul

Post of the thread

Originally Posted by PunditAnd as such, especially considering that you have lived in so many places, one hopes to learn more about professionalism from you.

JS may be wrong or may be right. But what we see from many is the tendency to get overwhelmed with what appears to them all of a sudden as the "correct" interpretation.

The start is always the most difficult - and one is defined by how he/she endures that adversity. That is what professionalism is - belief in the assigned leader and excericise of application to muster techniques.
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