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Can someone please relate Alex's innings with the JS 'batting rules' please?

Alex wasn't even in the team, he just joined the team at the last moment. He hardly got any real practice session with JS in comparison to others. while others tried to follow the rules, or was duelling in confusions, Alex just took it in his hand because it was question of his survival and I credit him and his heroics for the innings. Lets push all of them toward the threat of extinct; I'm sure many of them will produce gems; if that's the strategy, it's fine. Which of JS strategy is working; could we relate that?

I came across a number of dumb / Asole bosses, who are well reputed within the org for that. So the subs just do the right thing at the crucial moment violating all instruction, if things are good, the SL dumb will score all the credits and if by chance that goes wrong, will go back to his dumb instruction and fire the sub. Violating the boss and achieving the best, is never a healthy trend in any team. Run the risk of catastrophic collapse anytime and might struggle to perform as a unit in the long run.

Some similar things are happening around our team. We seem to ignore the vital mistakes of batting first, not including bowlers according to pitch condition, decline in bowling, decline in fielding, decline in motivation, losses after losses etc etc.

Have we forgotten that, this (Shommanjonok Porajoy) was just the normal transformation of the team which was expected on a regular basis after WC 07?

I am not suggesting that JS should be thrown out etc etc, neither I like to extend a blind support. One must be able to relate to the policies with the output, I still can't relate JS policies with yesterday's positives. And one positive doesn't eliminate 10 negatives. That's my opinion. (I don't expect Pundit to agree)
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