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Another simple fact will see Banglasdesh cricket just putting up with Sid for the remainder of his contract.

The fact? BCB does not have enough sack to sack him.

He has turned out to be a bad-hire who cannot be fired in light of the financial consequences faced by a poor country like Bangladesh. I just hope, against much hope I might add, that Sid does a better job with Kids as long he is here.

Adding to Miraz's honest use of stats and comments about the myth, perhaps we are also giving him more credit than he deserves when it comes to good individual performances.

I've seen Tamim starting to become the more responsible batsman with increasingly orthodox technique from NCL 2007, way before Sid arrived at the scene. Ollie has been batting like the way he did against India in domestic FC and List A since changing his grip back in 2006. Nirala is just adding to what we've seen him do since that same season.

Maybe he has helped Shakib become more orthodox, although our Magura Miandad still has a long way to go, but the way he killed the fire inside Zunaed, Dhiman and Farhad has been downright painful to watch.

Watching Ash get Gollafied yet still refusing to play ground strokes along the V, and lose the will to compete before succumbing to his old compulsions has been more painful to an unabashed Mohammad Ashraful fan such as myself.

As far as "team batting" is concerened, I find it rather silly to obsess over numbers like 200, 240 and a couple of 280s on batting tracks -- thanks mainly to brilliant individual knocks from talented players with minds of their own -- when the "will to compete and give ourselves the chance to win" against the T8 is completely out of the picture under Sid, even before the toss.

That is a tragedy made more poignant by the fact that as a team, we still cannot 1) find gaps and rotate the strike with ease, 2) play higher percentage ground strokes in the V, and 3) demonstrate the ability to "play each ball according to its merit", rather than just try and "play out the overs to salvage an honorable defeat", often without much success as expected from such a defeatist mindset.

Last but not least, I don't see us dealing any better with extra bounce, or swing, or pace, or movement, or spin any better. Well-scripted quality doosras and googlies still get us out 9 out of 10 times.

So, where is the improvement, Sid?

If our painfully inadequate domestic cricket is to take the ENTIRE blame, and if our players are ENTIRELY responsible for motivating themselves, then what exactly has YOUR job been so far, besides taking unwelcome liberties with our rare achievements, and toying with our passion?

We have the right to know, you know, since our taxes pay your salary ...

The less said about our bowling the better.

The way he passed the buck after Asia Cup, was the last straw for me personally.
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