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No one needs stats to see that batting has improved under Jamie Siddons. Just watch Tamim's innings against India in the WC which was under Whatmore and watch the innings he played against India in the Asia Cup under Siddons. Yes the WC innings had more flash to it but if you look at his full innings carefully you would see he could've been easily out atleast 2/3 times. While the recent innings was much more sensible. There is a vast difference. Jamie is taking the slow track by working with individual players. And remember the fact that Jamie had to take in new players like Zunaed, Dhiman, Nazim and Raqib into his team when he began who will obviously take time to settle in. He had to put up with chopping and changing system of our board who never let our batsmen settle while Whatmore enjoyed much more stabilty. Can you do me a favour Miraz bhai and dig up the last ten matches under Siddons where there was at least some consistency in selection? I wasn't a Siddons fan before but I'm starting to realize what he is doing. Yes, he has made our team more defensive and according to Sohel bhai he has killed off the 'fire' in some players but if they played with that fire and scored a 50+ in every 15 matches the 'fire' would've automatically died off and reignite in another 15 matches. So is that what you want? The truth is we fans don't know what we want, like Mr. Siddons said when he took over people started saying you must stop Ashraful playing his shots and after he did that people started saying what have you done to Ashraful, we want the old Ashraful back! Some people complain that Ashraful is now like a total wall who's just there and want him to play high-percentage ground shots but to play those shots this is how to begin, cut off your rash strokeplay and then learn. Ashraful is not a finished product yet like the other players. We must learn to give credit where it's due. One thing I do agree with is that Siddons is neglecting the bowlers and we must find a professional and experienced bowling coach. I still trust Siddons to develop our batsmen and I'm pretty confident he won't let me down!
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