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Bdchamp, i
have to agree with you because they are the same opinions I have of JS and Dav. However, if more players are given he freedom to play aggressively I'm sure we would be much more succesful and now we need to find the right balance. The typical player for that is my newly-liked Rakibul Hasan. And yes, bowling is declining a lot since Dav's era. JS won't transform the team in a couple of weeks and the sonner the fans realise that the better. Also, wasn't it the same fans that said it would take 5 years for Bangladesh to improve drastically that think Bangladesh aren't improving at all? I mean if Siddons goes about his way proffessionally I'm sure the team would play a whole lot more competetively in two years time and my gut feeling is that JS is starting the batting from step one because our batsmen do not know the basics and in time he will improve the batting further(I HOPE InshaAllah)
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