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Originally Posted by Miraz
bdchamp, Dav also worked with young bunch of players and he had to go through a lot more chopping and changing in search for a reliable a nucleus of the team. He finally found the core in the last year of his tenure and that's why he succeeded regardless of opposition.

Dav introduced Tamim and Mushfiq to international cricket who played match winning innings in the world cup 2007.

Siddons received a more mature team and better players like Rakibul. Still he could not produce better results in batting let alone winning.

About Nazimuddin, he picked Nazimuddin ahead of SN. It's his choice, if Nazim fails in a position where he never played, Siddons should share the blame.

Batting is a team effort. One or two players are probably doing well, but we are not getting contributions from tails or other batsmen as he already managed to kill the fire. And that's why the overall batting picture looks gloomy.

Another important thing is the way runs are coming. They are coming for losing causes. In Dav's era they were coming for both winning and losing causes. Now it's your choice which cause you rate more!!
True, there was chopping and changing during the Whatmore era but was it to the extent Mr. Siddons is having to put up with? Did Whatmore ever have 4 debutants in his squad playing against a top team like South Africa? Remember the New Zealand tour he had to welcome back Javed Omar, Tushar Imran, Mehrab Jr. and give debuts to Zunaed and Sajidul? In Whatmore's period the likes of Mushfiq, Shakib, Enamul Jr., Mehrab Jr. and Farhad were given debuts individually one at a time and mostly against the likes of Zimbabwe. Mushfiq was with the squad for a long time before he replaced Mashud as the first choice keeper. Same with Enamul Jr. What happened in Dhiman's case? What happened in Mosharraf Rubel's case they were thrown straight in. I am not saying Whatmore is a bad coach, infact I believe he is a better overall coach than Jamie Siddons BUT will he return to coach us? The only bit I disagree with is 'Fire Jamie', because that won't be a small step forward but a huge step backwards.

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