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Originally Posted by Miraz
How many times we have to go through the dark times? I thought we already had a prolonged one during Mohsin Kamal/Trevor Chappel era. So, every coach has to take us to the dark era before producing some success?

Damn!! Dav was a bad coach. He only tried to take us out from the dark period and succeeded.

Now, not knowing international players of Bangladesh who were playing for quite some time can't be considered appropriate from a coach especially when he is going to take charge of those players.

Siddons is a part of the selection panel. He also decides the final XI. He could have easily avoided the debut of 4 players in the SA series if he wanted.

I guess it's always difficult to know players when you are on vacation.
Ok Miraz bhai I have a situation for you.

Imagine yourself to be a coach from another country and you have just recently taken over the role of coach for a foreign country that you don't have a lot of knowledge about.

Selection date comes and your main wicket-keeper isn't performing and one of the country's top ex-players, cricketing expert of the country and head selector tells you we should drop him we have a much better wicket-keeper in domestic cricket. Would you or would you not go by his words?

And do you really believe that Dav knew domestic performers when he took over?

And do you really think that Dav would've avoided these times if he was coach? Would Dav have been able to stop Rafique retiring? Could Dav have influenced this trigger-happy selection panel?

We fans are blind. We can't see how Jamie Siddons and Mohammad Ashraful are being made scapegoats by this adminstration(please keep in mind this is a totally different BCB then what it was during Whatmore's time).

Isn't it the BCB's job to stop Siddons taking vacations? Why aren't they stopping him? Jamie Siddons attended the Dhaka-Khulna NCL match only when the BCB invited him. Why isn't Jamie made to attend more matches? Why can't the BCB add that to Jamie's job description.

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