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Originally Posted by Miraz
Yap, it's the police's duty to prevent people from committing crime. People should have no moral obligation. Apologies for the analogy, but couldn't help it.

On Dav issue, Dav never showed any sign that he didn't know our players. He defnitely had shortcomings but he was smart enough to hide them.

bdchamp, If I was paid 20-30K a month, I would have definitely done enough homework before taking charge of any team.
Haha! Sorry Miraz bhai kintu ei duita situation thik This is more like a student going to the toilet without the teacher's permission. Now I'm sure Jamie Siddons didn't call up the BCB president an hour before his flight and say: 'Hey mate I am going to Sydney in an hour, see you in a month's time.' He doesn't seem that rude a person, the vacation was probably pre-approved by the BCB before a month or so. And I am also sure that once he knew he was close to getting the job he bother to do some research atleast. Why would you blame him for not knowing anything about Bangladesh, how many international cricket pundits follow every BD game? And did he ever think he was going to be in charge of Bangladesh cricket team? And do you remember how the whole coach search program was carried out by the BCB after 3-4 months they came up with 3 names, one of them was John Harmer and when he came to Bangladesh I though he was our new coach but as it turned out he was only there for a camp and was never interested in the job and subsequently all 3 candidates, including Siddons turned down the job. Then one day on The Daily Star I find out Jamie Siddons has been appointed coach.

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