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Originally Posted by bdchamp20
No it was most certainly not Siddon's decision to include 4 debutants in the squad. It was the selectors who took the decision, and it's the selectors who I blame for the mess we are in. Siddons is a new man to the country and has admitted that he doesn't know most Bangladeshi players(I believe same was the case when Dav Whatmore took over but instead of admitting it he probably spent an hour on CricInfo researching BD players before the interview) and so he trusted the selectors. And it also might be the case that Dav had good relations with the selectors and had more say on selection than Siddons has. You are right, instead of carrying on from where Dav left of he decided to break off everything and rebuild from scratch which wasn't the smartest of decisions but a decision which might pay off in the long term. We might be heading towards or already are in dark times but remember golden times only come after you've struggled in dark times.
Is not it JS job to know about Bangladesh batting? I do not think DW has better relation with selectors than JS. Remember the last match Aloukik Kapali played under DW. He did not bowl and send to bat at 9. The way DW showed that he had no faith on selectors. I feel JS has much better relationship with selectors; otherwise how you could explain Russel playing in Ireland while selcetors claiming he is unfit to play in Asia Cup. As I mentioned in another thread he might took us two step forward (Miraz Bhai broke the myth) and take eight steps backward in the other two.
JS did not inherit a team which looses to the associates quite regulerly, he inherited a team which just have her best year as a test team. DW did that and made us proud in his first series at Aussiland. So comparing JS with DW is like comparing Ash with Tendy. BCB should fire him even it menas losing 1 million $, otherwise when JS tenure we could not hire coaches because supporters (with the exception of some die hard, Like Dr Z) would disappear along with the sponsors.
I do not know how many matches DW attended. A first class coach does not need to attend first class match to identify potential players. He should have his own network (how many matches Fergi attended). They should be their eyes. DW eyes did the job for him. JS's ODI core players (Sakib, Mushy, Tamim, Aftab, Ash, Mash, Russel) are all (bar Mash, Ash) identified by DW and groomed. I am already seeing TIfication of Farhad in JS era.
A head coach job is not to reinvent wheel, but to change the tire , realign the spike. DW knew that; JS not.
Before the Asia cup, I was the one who was claiming that he should be sacked and I still have no reason to change my opinion.
Those who claim that JS should be given enough time like DW to prove. But what about mid term evaluation. In his first season DW successfully conquer Aussi heart and almost bring us a test win in Pakistan. What about JS? We did not even have a sniff of win againest any team in his first season. And I think everybody agree JS inherit must stornger team and got much weaker opponent than DW in his first season
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