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Sorry for the off-Topic.
Originally Posted by BD-Shardul
Wa Alaikumus Salam TE Bhai.

First of all, thanks for your question.

I could explain it, but I found a better reply at about the ststus of our prophet.

Before you read that, let me tell you something. Infact in the Sura Baqara of Al Quran, Allah mentioned, "La Nufarriqu Baina Ahadim Mir Rususlih", which means we make no diffeence among prophets. In this ayat Allah said that we the Muslims, unlike the Jews and Christians, shows respect to all prophets, although we are the ummah of prohet Muhammad (PBUH).

And although we make no difference among prophets and equally respect all prophets, our prophet has distinction. He is the "Sayyedul Mursaleen", the leader of all prophets. Allah has blessed him with the greatest of all divine books, "Al Quran." Allah has bestowed him with the honor of "Shafayat Al Uzma" which means the greatest recommendation. After the ressurection, when people will gather in the plains of hashr, people will be suffering from great agony. But Allah (SWT) won't start judgement. People, out of sever agoney, will first go to prophet Adam, and then they will go to prohet Nuh, Ibrahhem, Musa, Dawud, Isaa and all the prophets to recommend Allah to start judgement. But all of them will decline, saying that they can't do that. Finally people will come to Sayyedina Muhammad (PBUH), and he will recommend Allah, and Allah will start judgement and people will be relieved of great agony.

Also please read the follwoing to clear your view:...
Hope your confusion is remived. Jazakallah.
I am aware of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)'s status in the eyes of Allah. I am also aware of the Hadiths that your previous post reflected. I will have to do more reading, understanding and research more on the quranic verses to clear up as mere mortals what should be our ideal stance. As for now, I myself would not distinguish prophets as one better than other. That is not my job and I fear my Lord.

(With my limitations) I still think the writer made a mistake in saying of Ibrahim (Alaihis sallam). He nor any human can be the judge. This is not disrespecting the prophets.

After I do the some research I will post my findings here on this issue.
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