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Default City vs Country

To tie this into the other thread, what about an annual series of City Origin vs Country Origin 2 day games ?

The idea is shamelessly ripped off Rugby League in Australia btw, and it works well in that.

The idea would be that all players who were born in Dhaka would play in one team ("City"), and all players born outside it would be in the other ("Country").

As it's played over 2 days, there is a definite result, but people could see the whole game over a weekend (you could even break it up into 4 50 over sessions, so you see some batting and some bowling on each day - but each side bats only once).

I'd be imagining that Test, U10 etc players would all go into one pool for selection, so national spots would be up for grabs ... I'd guess that everyone would play hard.

The Capital City vs Rest of the Country aspect would probably be good for the media and fans.

I dont know Bangladesh's geography well enough to see who's in Dhaka in who isnt, but you get the idea ...

Ian Whitchurch
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