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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Sorry for the off-Topic.

I am aware of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)'s status in the eyes of Allah. I am also aware of the Hadiths that your previous post reflected. I will have to do more reading, understanding and research more on the quranic verses to clear up as mere mortals what should be our ideal stance. As for now, I myself would not distinguish prophets as one better than other. That is not my job and I fear my Lord.

(With my limitations) I still think the writer made a mistake in saying of Ibrahim (Alaihis sallam). He nor any human can be the judge. This is not disrespecting the prophets.

After I do the some research I will post my findings here on this issue.
Ohhh...All Right then. I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of your study.
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