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Default Leg spinners

1. Wahidul Gani - played only 1 ODI
2. Mohammad Ashraful - Wahidul Gani's student, was a leg spinner, now a specialist batsman, only a part time leggie now
3. Alok Kapali - an all-rounder, bats a bit (has a few 50s), bowls a bit (has a test match hat-trick)

But none of the above current players (2, 3) are really specialist leg spin bowlers. Now here's one - Ashim Chowdhury, I'm not saying that we should include this guy straight away, nor am I saying to watch for this leggie.

However, his bowling performance (getting a set batsman out) today in the 3rd test between BD U-19 and ENG U-19 has reminded us of the leg-spinners in the game of cricket, and especially leg spinners for Bangladesh.

I believe there are a number of leg spinners in the age-group level - previously there used to be Ashraful, now Ashim, and before there was a player named Arif - who are all leg spinners, at least good enough to take a few wickets or to make a name for themselves (for their leg spin variety).

And yet, at the senior level, whether its International or national or club cricket - the names of such leg spinners are just not in the picture any more.

Yes, at the International level, we've got Rafique, a good test match bowler, however, since the year 2003, it has been proven time and again that Rafique, a left arm spinner alone cannot win us test matches. In short, Rafique needs the help of the pitch or the help of the quick bowlers to really give us some chance of winning test matches.

Well, it has been a few years - 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 - five years to be exact, that we're playing longer version cricket - at both International and domestic arena. And yet, we're still unable to produce a quality leg spinner for the National Team.

Yes, in this time, we have managed to draw our first test match ONLY RECENTLY. But the fact that we are a country of the sub-continent, where spinners are produced in abundance - makes me wonder, are we never going to produce a single leg spinner of International standard?

May be we'll have to wait for that much-awaited win for the lack of a leg spinner in the side?

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