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was wondering what you guys think about him. I was also wondering whether it would be a good idea to bring him to this forum to post comments from an expert's point of view. Bringing in players like him and Athar, who have a vast knowledge and understanding of the game would really be great.
I had a chat with him before everything got commercialized in Bangladesh Cricket - before our gaining test status. I think it was through homeviewbangladesh.

It was a 2-3 hours long session chat, many fans from around the world including from were invovled.

The best thing that I remember from this, was the importance of 'match winners' from him.

About his game, (while batting) I liked the way he used to concentrate in the middle overs - AFTER EACH BALL, he used to look at his bat and just "LOOK", "LOOK" and "LOOK" - you could call it gaze/stare as if he had never seen his bat before, and as if he was memorizing every corner of his bat/bat's sticker. No matter what the previous ball was, he always used to look at his bat this way. Great concentration, I haven't seen any batsman of Bangladesh acting this way - WITH SO MUCH CONCENTRATION!
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