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It is good to notice some of us acknowledge the contribution Aminul made and also recognising his capabilities. I was tired of seeing people writing about the (so called) inferior teams he played against. there are some of us believe the likes of Waugh brothers, Wasim Akram, Ranatunga, DeSilva, Ambrose, Walsh etc were inferior to the ones playing now. Let us acknowledge that Aminul is one of our few players who combined hard work, responsibility and talent. He and Raquibul are our true cricketing icons. Raquibul being the first Bangalee to ever play test cricket. I don't want to create a political debate about Bangalee Vs Bangladeshi. But when Raquibul played in Dhaka test, Bangladesh was not born and there was nothing called Bangaldeshi. However, he was (and probably still is) a Bangalee. Back to Aminul issue, I am sure many of us will accept the fact taht he was forced out of the team prematurely. The team did not gain anything by that. Sure enough he was not in his prime form. But he was still more dependable than many of our 'teen age sensations'. He is not doing a bad job in Victorian league in Australia. Let us not bring him for his expert opinion in this page. Rather bring him for at least 1 or 2 of the upcoming 4 home searies. At least for a few tests. He is not going to win us any match. On the other hand we will probably not loose any test only because of him. He will certainly not score less than 0. Many of our top order sensations often manage to score that magic figure. But by calling him for a test match or two we would have given him a true fare well. We as a nation owe gratitude to him. He deserves a hero's fare well in BNS, Dhaka. After all he is one of our very very few sporting hero.
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