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amit(a huge BD fan)
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i do agree with tehsin bhai.

i also am compeletely against a team which can create a cricket team without using its own players. teams like usa, canada, hong kong shouldnt be allowed to play cricket. uae had 1 arab in their 1996 team in sultan zarawani, but then somewhere i read that uae has 11 players in their squad born and brought up in uae, so atleast some improvement in 8 years.

however, a 2-tier test system needs to be started to help the non-test teams. bd should be in the 1st tier, no doubt. i have always been saying this, it is 100% possible to have a 2-tier test system with bd in the 1st tier.

the 2nd tier can have the next 10 teams like kenya, namibia, holland, scotland, ireland, denmark, uae, nepal, uganda, canada.
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