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Lets take the case study of Alok Kapali. He was (and still is) basically a leg spinner who was transforming to be an all rounder. He played a few valuable innings against SL, SA, Aust and WI. So our expectation went sky high. We expected super human efforts from him. We want him to become Tendulker (who is basically a batesman while capable of bowling a bit) over night. That is what back fired. That is what brought his temporary (hope fully) down fall. In way way Alok kapali dug his own grave (hope fully not). Had he played some gutsy inings agianst SA, AUS and WI he could still be regarded as basically a bowler who could bat a bit or may be a handy all rounder. He could have enough time and concentration to improve his batting. Instead we forgot his bowling abilities (remember his hattrick against PAK and the wonderful few overs he bowled agiast WI in WC 2003?). We kept pressurising him to perform with the bat, kept pressurising him to score century. Yes, I am not denying that he is capable of doing so at times. But under such pressure (even he was called to open the innings) he fummbled. Lets not balame him. He certainly has tremendous potential. Let us nurture a future giant in BD cricket. After his deserved break (or punishment - what ever we call it) let us give him back his no 7 spot (5 down). Let us start using him as an all rounder (the only other true all rounder we have in the team is Manjurul Rana). Let us tell him that 100 will be bonus, but we expect him to take a few wickets and score 30-40 consistantly. He certainly has the ability to respond to that call. Let us not over burden him. He is still under 22.
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