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Couple of points.

Theres a footy player here in Sydney, name of Hasan El Masri.

He's a pretty decent footy player - bloke called Phil Gould once said 'He will kick goals, he will score tries, he should play Origin for New South Wales', and they didnt pick him, and well, *&^&*( Queenslanders.

He gets a note from his imam for when he plays through Ramadan, and thats just fine by me.

So, if the Tigers want to play through Ramadan ... I'm pretty sure Hasan El Masri's imam is the guy to talk to.

As to the general issue of playing against Australia... a bunch of years ago there were a couple of Tests where the Tiges were supposed to get smashed, and then this bloke called Steve Waugh said nice things about the fight the Tiges showed. And then it took a great innings by a fat bloke to deny the Tiges in the fourth innings in Multan.

So, yeah, to quote a taxi driver from Canberra 'I heard the score was 1 for 151 and I thought we were doing OK, and then I heard that Gillespie got the wicket'.

Ian Whitchurch
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