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aisha gechi!
clarke and co. here we come!
Inshallah, marrara ground will be taken over by the red and greens - our boys - tigers will play good cricket over the next three matches, Inshallah!
as dearest rifat bhai said, "keep the faith alive" - always, bd! bd! bd! even if we lost last night against the NT, it doesn't matter - we must always hope for the best in the next game! one match at a time guys, one match at a time!

dearest obayed bhai,
what a fantastic and positive energy filled thread format! all my heart-felt love and salaam to you, you always inspire us to hope for a brighter day!!!
your thread resembles your wonderful nature - it tells us, no matter what happens tonight at the theater (win-lose-mara mari-fata fati) - it's gonna be okay!

go tigers! ggggrrrrrrrrrr!
go bd! 150 million strong - we all sing and sail together!
God bless Ingrid Newkirk, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris & Mitch Landrieu!
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