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Originally Posted by Rabz
Obayed bhai,
simply brilliant stuff.

Good luck to the boys.
A deplated Aussie team is exactly what we wanted.

Damn! got to wake up 5.30 in the morning.
well, Ramadan is coming, that might solve the problem for the last two games of the series.
Originally Posted by bujhee kom
aisha gechi!
clarke and co. here we come!
Inshallah, marrara ground will be taken over by the red and greens - our boys - tigers will play good cricket over the next three matches, Inshallah!
as dearest rifat bhai said, "keep the faith alive" - always, bd! bd! bd! even if we lost last night against the NT, it doesn't matter - we must always hope for the best in the next game! one match at a time guys, one match at a time!

dearest obayed bhai,
what a fantastic and positive energy filled thread format! all my heart-felt love and salaam to you, you always inspire us to hope for a brighter day!!!
your thread resembles your wonderful nature - it tells us, no matter what happens tonight at the theater (win-lose-mara mari-fata fati) - it's gonna be okay!

go tigers! ggggrrrrrrrrrr!
go bd! 150 million strong - we all sing and sail together!
Thank you so very much, Sydney and Zaved.
I believe same goes to you...
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