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Originally Posted by Beamer

Great enthusiasm you have for College football.
lol, that is why I threw a challenge to Shaad bhai for a debate on any topic of college football. I know I can't win against any other, this is the only subject I have a fair chance.

College recruiting has gone beyond fixing. The Ameaturism is gone. The high school recruites now get under the table cash, incentives, agent co-operations. That is so sad. With sites like things are getting heated. Unless NCAA or the sponsors (bowl) do something this will get out of hand.

Yup!! I was intensely watching Pryor saga. I thought he was sold to Washington. Penn State and Ohio State were late additions. Wanted him to go to Penn State though. I want Joe Pa to win another one before he becomes 80. Can you imagine a coach, coaching for the last 4 decades and his program had zero probation from NCAA for all of his players??? Respect is earned. Few years back he gave back the university his entire salary cause he thought he didn't perform the way he was suppose to. What the ...??? By the way, he earned I think $500,000 a year. This was before the last contract extention. On the other hand, Nick Saban makes $4 Mill a year. Sigh!!

The buckeyes are third in the dislike list. Tressel is a weasle. I'll just stop at that. However I was very happy when they stoped the cheater Trojans few years back.

The best NFL running back to watch was, is, will be: Barry Sanders. Heard so many stories of his college years at Oklahoma State. Rival Oklahoma's coach was Barry Switzer (U of Ark). The praises he had for a rival player was unparallel. Sanders never spiked the ball. Not once after any touchdown. Always jogged and gave the ball back to the referee. Such was is love for the game. He could have easily surpass Walter Payton's record most yards (which later Emmitt broke) but walked away from the game just like Jim Brown. He was a treat to watch. The mesmorising moves, the lateral movement, the stop and start, you know something big is about to happen. He would sooner or later bust one 40 yards with the blink of an eye. Had he and emmitt switched teams, lol, Jim Brown's all of the records would be in jeopardy. But by far Jim Brown is the man though.
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