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Florida produces unmatched talent in specialized positions, actually athletic positions, including WR, RB, CB, S, linebackers etc. U Miami put some phenomenal talents in the NFL over the years. Just look around the rosters of many teams and they have Miami studs all over. Plus, I kinda liked their thuggish attitude, though it got out of hand, and Shannon is trying to rectify it, much to my utter displeasure.

Loved every moment of 3 win season for Notre dame last year. I despise them, their national network deal, and the disciple of chor Belichik. Lose..lose..lose..

Thurman Thomas was a good back. Heard he backed up Barry Sanders in college. That was some backfield. But, the U backfield a few years ago took the cake. They had Edge, backing him were Portis, McGahee and Gore..
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