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THE WRITINGS ON THE WALL FOR BD and the players can only blame themselves.

I will repeat what I said in another thread.

I think the only answer for our future is to put the players under PERFORMANCE RELATED PAY.

Despite being in the international arena for so many years now, this team is going nowhere. Day in day out, it is the same old story, thrashings after thrashings.

The suffering is becoming unbearble and something drastic needs to be done before we start to lose all our staunchest supporters, because otherwise, it wont be too long before every team will just be offering to play us only a 1 or 2 ODI matches here and there and will refuse to play test cricket with us by giving flimsy excuses.

The management should immediately put all the players on PRP and pay them the minimum wages for rubbish performances.

They should also give targets to batsmen and bowlers and the ones who carry out their duty in the correct manner should be rewarded handsomely.

This does not mean that a batsman will have to score a century or a bowler needs to get 5 wickets, but the instructions should be to play according to the match situations.

Unless this bunch of so called "talented" players are penalised severly in some ways for throwing their wickets away or bowling rubbish, they will just continue play in their usual cavalier manner and make us the laughing stock of the world