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During Akram Bulbul era our domestic leage would entertain test cricketer from Pakistan, India and so on like Wasim Akram, Lamba, Sidhu. Every club had 1 or 2 foreign players at some point in the leage. This importation culture started from football leage. As Mohamaden and Abahani both used foreign players from Iran, Africa and so on. Bangladesh Football players were also playing in Calcutta leage and some other foreign leage.

One other memeber here metioned about the buzz Bangladesh leage created in India and Pakistan. Indian and Pakistani cricketers would keep up with Bangladesh leage as it could bring money for them if they were selected by Bangladeshi club. These reputation about our leage helped us in getting into test status. You can derive this point if you think in micro level about what the cricket situation was in Bangladesh at that time. There was a justifiable feel good time about Bangladesh cricket around the world. As we know 'Image is everything.' This Domestic leage also produced International player like Bashar, Akram, Bulbul,rafiq and others. There was no substitute of facing Akrams bowling. This leage also developed winning attitude from rivalry such as Abahani-Mohamadan, Biman-Brothers. Winning at any cost was the motto. This motto reflected in our ICC championship.
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