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Originally Posted by shaad
Interestingly enough, they also exhibit a degree of of hive or colony intelligence similar to bees or ants; i.e. the behaviour of other members of a group can be modulated/affected by the behaviour of a few individual cockroaches (or entities that they consider to be cockroaches, e.g. tiny remote controlled robots that smell like cockroaches to them can be used to lead them out from the dark, their preferred environment, into light). So, there's always the remote possibility that they have accepted you as one of them, a messianic figure almost, who will lead them into the light.
If that is so, the BC Arnab has not only surpassed his putuputu love-song-singing namesake in terms of personal achievement, but established - once and for all - his dominance over all of the other Arnabs in the world. May you lead the oldest species in the world to enlightenment with vision and vigor.
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