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In fact after Zunaed's fall last time,, the Cheap Chele-ktor himself said,," Eder diye kichchu hobey na"..

Then why did he select him? Having too many inexperienced players in the squad fully brought forth the deffeciency we have.. It was not right to discard all the seniors, it was not right to select players on whim or star status.. All selection should be based on performance only. No if/but/else.. The process needs to be fixed and the selectors must get it... No players from U19 club. To be in the squad a player must have played a minimum amount of FC or has to be "Uber" talented ( scoring 300 runs in school cricket or taking 8 wickets etc.).

It is not true that we dont ahve enough tournaments.. we do. The problem is the board themselves dont believe in these tournaments.. When a player is consistently playing good in domestic circuit, he needs to move to A team and then to the national squad. Pretty basic but even that is not followed in BD cricket. A time has come when we bring back a good imaginative CEO and not rely everything on Lipu and Chameli/Lotif Gong.
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