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thank you warwolf bhai for doing this! i am with you all the way bro!
i said this in another thread!
we here at BC need to raise these basic, fundamnetal, important questions for BCB -why don't we have bouncy/sporty pitches yet? how long would it take? how long do we have to wait? seriously, we demand a time frame - just like the democrats about the iraq troops withdrawal! what do you all do at BCB? i want to see open public report of fund alocation, distribution, data, audit, tender report, contract summery etc. etc.! if we are truly a republic and we claim to be a sincere democratic system, then i want to know!
i demand to know! BCB is a public org. and the people of BD has the right to know! we can't just send our young boys to the lion's den and watch them get shaughtered and put the blame on them? the players alone are at fault for this consistant failure? no way....
BCB is holding the mantra of failure and it's your(BCB) job to prepare the players and the infra-structure for making better players! just because you provided a skilled and expensive coach and hired a couple of other coaches, and you think you have done your job, and you can just pass the blame on the players and the coach alone? no way! this is not how it's going to go!
what are you all doing with all the money?
i am serious! we, here at BC have to demand these questions!
God bless Ingrid Newkirk, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris & Mitch Landrieu!

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