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I don't know, for the first 5 years atleast, I thought there was a lot of junior level activity from BCB - which got reported very well too. Coaches from abroad, that deal w/Mccinness, tours, e.t.c.

And that's just faded over the past 3 years...

...atleast till then, they got that part fairly well. They have consistantly messed up our national teams though. No one really knows how things like these happened..

...sudden loss of form in Senior players
...stagnated growth in performance
...why Hannan Sharkar never made a come-back (I mean the bowlers have been rectified well, but never the batsmen)
...why the Tushar Imran experiment persisted for so long

BCB really really needs to press on the peddle at the junior levels. Teach there how to learn and compete w/o fear of failures and inability to grasp. When you are young, you tend to seize the initiative as you tend not to think that you can fail.

And the mess continues...

...Nazimuddin in the team
...mehrab jr in the team
...Sajidul having a one off tour as a bowler
...why did Naeem go to australia? Who is he ?

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