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Originally Posted by Gowza
well he's older (28) so he should be pretty mature when it comes to playing an innings, he's played a lot of domestic cricket (at least compared to most who are currently in the national team) and he's got a pretty good FC average (39.00). he's not considered to be one of the "talents" but most of the "talents" aren't performing so imo it doesn't hurt to try a player like ehsnaul haque. but apparently he's retired now, so don't know how likely he is to get a call-up.
If he is retired then i don't think BCB will call him because they are too lazy and don't really care. They too would probably want to see Aftab open with Tamim. I know for sure, they are not great fan of players who works hard but lacks "talent". They would prefer a player who score 16 runs from 10 balls but not a player who would score 16 runs from 25-30 balls. What is good for Bangladesh is clear. The high striking rate players don't stay on crease and we have seen too many of them. Its time BCB change their mindset and focus on players who lacks the talent but can get runs. If we were to give all these years that we wasted to those not "talented" players by now they could have become talented.
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