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Guys trust me, BCB and its players is only to gain from this.BCCI will no longer ignore BD's cricketers, you will see Tamim and Ash with 200k+ offers in the next IPL.

ICL wanted to take a cut out of the lucrative Indian market, it is but natural for ICC and BCCI to oppose them.Mind you ICL has no obligation towards any forms of cricket, they are pure bussinessmen!!

Also BD did not loose a lot ..SN and Alok were not great anyways and would struggle to hold their place.You dont need players like Aftab, infact BD should do away with sloggers and horne pure cricketers atleast for the time being.

My biggest dissapointment was Dhiman, I watched both the SL-BD series and the recent Aus-Bd series.Mushifiq was a pure disastor in the SL series, he would put our Parthiv to shame interms of keeping.Dhiman is/was pure class in terms of keeping and I'd though he would have easily become the best keeper in Asia.He was in the team and his place looked assured, not sure why he left ? This is were BCB lost the plot..a few encouraging words from BCB and the captain would have made a difference.After all they are in their early 20's ..cant remember how many mistakes I did when I was their age !!!!
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