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I thought Mushifiq would go !! .But I guess this separates the kids from men !! If you doubt your ability then I guess ICL is a good option.National cricket is still for men and not for boys !!!

One more positive I see, is BCB (like BCCI) becomes more accountable, every action of theirs will be under the micrscope.Can you imagine BCCI sacking the 'Grand Old Men' of Indian cricket if not for the critisim !! No more regionalism and groupism ..8 years in the US has taught be me that nothing works like Capitalism ( was a hard core socialist when in India ) .You Fail there is another one to replace u the board or the players.

I have not seen users so dissapointed in my 3 + years of stay in here.But I think it is for the best ..a kick in the butt always helps, like the kick we got in the WC.Within 2 years we look a different team.Trust me this is for the best.
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