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Originally Posted by Rubu
its hard to figure out the genius if we do not list all the 'a genius'. Anyway, he is not just a sci fi writer, he is also a scientist and a social reformer. And I like him most for this reason.
I used to like his work when I was young. I forget the title, but you know the novel [***********SPOILERS AHEAD*************] where the entire planet turns out to be a giant organism soooo ignited my imagination that i was truly in awe of his work until i grew up to learn that it wasnt his theory at all but just Gaia [sp?] Hypothesis. Also, as I read more and more of his novels, I realized he has a lot of Asimovian touch into him. If you were to translate his novels into English and submit to publishers, I can guarantee it won't create any buzz and would be deemed as "avg" [no disrespect to him].

On the contrary, his brother possess the very stroke of genius he lacks. He seems to lack that originality while Humayun Ahmed has this watermark in his storylines. He has his own style; unfortunately, Zafar Iqbal doesn't.

Just my opinion....

If there seems to be a popular demand for him, I am sure we can include him.

Addition: Dance Genius Akram Khan.
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