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Khan Jahan Ali - if it is the same Khan Jahan Ali of Bagerhat then he was an Iranian. I would rather nominate
Dr Rashid - the founding VC of BUET,
Qamrul Hasan - the designer of our flag,
Rafiq-un-Nabi aka Ranabi - the founder of Tokai
Dr Ibrahim - the founder of BIRDEM
Satayan Bose - who corrected Einstein's theory
Ramaslal Majumder - the historian
the guy who discovered Mohenjedaro
the guy who measured Mt. Everest (some Sikder)
though I would not disagree the contribution of Nawab Family of Dhaka in the development of Dhaka in my eye they are Rajakars; they bought the title of Sir by sucking our farmers. With the exception of Jagataish Bosh I do not give of damn of all the Indian knight
Twenty20 is not a gentleman's game. It's like a one-night stand and not a marriage. It is a street format and the goonda doesn't know what is a late cut or a cover drive

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