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Originally Posted by WarWolf
NCL has to be withheld till the following reformations are completed....
  • Divisional cricket bodies must be formed prior to the start of the NCL. No cricket is better for Bangladesh than picnic style cricket in the NCL. Players must be registered to some specific zone. A player registered in one zone won't be allowed to play for another zone unless he can take written permission from BCB showing appropriate reasons.
  • Coaches must be appointed permanently for each zone along with trainers (locals will be ok) and curators.
  • Wickets must be prepared for at least 2 months before the tournament starts. We are fed up to see under prepared wickets in the NCL. Green bouncy wickets are the topmost priority.
  • Regional selectors has to be appointed for the regional teams. The selection process must be transparent. We need to start from the root. Watering the top of the tree while cutting the root will return no result.
spot on. I think in short every state has to operate like a nation itself. then only we can move forward. I really dont see why there aren't any cricket boards for each region. there must be former players from the six states. Use them.

Also the other problem that i feel that exist is there aren't any set grounds which could be said as home grounds. Yes Mirpur is for Dhaka and there is a ground for Chittaging too. Rajshahi and Khulna also have grounds but my point is they aren't utilised that way.

For example last year, we had CHT vs Bar at Bogra and we also had Dhk vs SHL at the same gorund. Whose home ground is that. Why is no ground in Sylet, no gorund in Barisal. Which are there home ground.

In order to raise the bar the BCB has to see the NCL as a product that needs to be sold to customers. It has to marketed. Who veiws the NCL. We all know that even if the grounds are not full there are crowds watching domestic games in Eng, Aus, Ind and SA. they are also shown on television live.

The NCl has to be marketed. It has to be made a product that could be watched by spectetors. We bangladeshis are cricket mad people and there are enough people who will go to grounds and watch games.

But for that get the product (teams, players, pitches, int quality training facilities, medical, analyst) right, select the right location (there has to be matched played in every single region to attract loacl people who are going to support their region), set a proper pricing (normally they earn nothing but and currently it has to be free but gradually if the NCL is a success they can segement a pricing), and last but not the least the NCL has to be promoted.

U have matched of the AUS and ENG domestic league bein telecasted here in BD so why cant we have channels showing BD games. There are a lot of BD channels with the same old content of dramas, news, music shows and films. Y cant someone get in contact with teh production house and start telecasting matches in a professional way. this would definitely start pumping in more money thorugh sponsorships and advertisements.

I just hope there comes a time when all these are realised and we have a competitive enviroment.
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