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Default *** Board Rules and Posting Tips ***

Dear Members,

It is a good time to review some basic posting guidelines as we gear up for the matches. First and foremost - a very simple courtesy that we can exercise is to limit the amount of duplicate threads. By this I mean – posting several threads containing the same news or even worse contains the exact same link and news. This is irritating not just for other members who have to take the time to sift through and read all the threads in a page.

Also spare a thought for the Moderators. It is additional work that “takes away” valuable time that could have been spent doing something more productive. We would rather discuss cricket than having to carry out tasks such as merging or deletion.
So to help everyone, here are some simple steps and habits to think about:

As you log in to BC and go to a particular section such as Bangladesh Cricket, quickly look at all the thread titles. Take a minute and ask yourself a few basic questions:

First step:
-Is there any other thread that contains the same link and discussion?
-Is my new thread appropriate for the section, i.e. is it more suitable as a topic in forget cricket or International cricket section?

Second step
-Is the title of my thread misleading/incorrect/confusing or inappropriate.
-Have I included all the necessary links and sources to distinguish it from just another rumour?
-Have I stated clearly when I am making a subjective remark? Admit if it is an opinion. Provide source if you have seen it elsewhere in the net.

Third step
Look at the preview of the post. This is a good feature before hitting the post button that allows you to look at your thread to correct any aesthetic flaws.

Fourth step:
Go in and use the edit tools to clean up any mistakes: spelling; formatting broken links…

All this is a matter of a few minutes but goes a long way to help this forum and in the long run your fellow members will respect you for your care.

Thank you,

For the benefit of members, this thread will be open to invite any genuine questions and queries relating to this issue. Unnecessary posts will be deleted.

PS. Please take some time to read the Board Rules, if you have not already done so.

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