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I would like to quote the following bit here, seeing how many new members have recently been bumping the threads with one-liners and emoticon filled one liners that do not contribute much to the thread content and instead dilute thread and forum quality.
A.2: Maintain a pleasant reading environment
  • A.2.1: Avoid all caps, all bold, excessively large fonts or excessive number of emoticons.

  • A.3: Do not abuse the forums
  • A.3.1: In addition to the general rules in A.1 and A.2 please refrain from other forms of forum abuse and spams, including
    • Posting only or mostly in the Forget Cricket section
    • Posting one-line posts except for the match threads.
    • Repeatedly posting non-cricket related external items.
    • Posting links to other sites as a form of advertisement.
    • Posting for the sake of bumping threads
Please read through all the Forum Rules and consider them before posting or starting new threads.