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Expecting that the corrupt politicians will not participate & will not be elected is foolish. They will keep participating & coming to power. We hardly have alternative trustworthy & honest politician. Corruption doesn't stop automatically/voluntarily in any society. We just need to have a system in place to make corruption difficult. Hope the current interim government as made enough legislation to ensure atleast fol:

1. An independant judiciary in true sense
2. An independant Anti-Corruption Dept
3. An independant Election Commission
4. An independant media

Or else we will keep seeing the same old practices again and again & again..
I'm with Shahbag for fair punishment of all war criminals. Im with Shahbag to stand for fair trials of all Corruption, all murders and social injustices occurred over last 40 years. I'm for a secular, corruption free & Just society in Bangladesh. Spirit of '71
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