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I hope Nazim Shirazi never reads this -

No doubt, if he were a young 22 year old now, he would be playing for our national team. He would be no Rokon, or Opee, or whomever else, but someone much better. Someone we the loving fans would see bat for the team through his entire career, and not be just a 2 year burst.

But I don't understand the unbriddled passion for having him as BD's coach ? I think if we were to be definitely chosing a local coach, then he would be a possibility. But personally, I don't support that either (don't know fully why, atleast yet).

I've heard people mention the need to have coaches with international exposure - after all, BD is a TEST team. NS is far from that. Notice the great man himself mention that he had to stop playing Cricket for BD at a relatively young age - so really, NS was lucky to have been carried all the way he had been by virtue of his cricketing talents, entirely.

This means that he hardly has been trained by people outside the local environment (guessin' ...I could be wrong). We may say that he was trained here in the US too. But by whom..a retired Gary Sobers ? Most likely not - more like someone with the same credentials as Mohsin K or Mr. Chappel.

The problem is, with BD's depth of problems, we really need a great coach to fix everything. Not some amateur turned professional (Mohsin Kamal).

And ofcourse, we all know that coaching is just part of the problem......and in sequence beginning with the biggest problem..

1. Current BCB
2. Selection Committee
3. Demoralized/non-committed players (just being Bengali)
4. Coach
5. Infra-structure

Fixing infra-structure is a long term issue, it doesn't happen over night. But fortunately looking at Kenya/Nam/Canada/HOLLAND, infra-structure needs to be addressed, but as long as we have decent long term planning, it will be ok.

And about Akram, he was playing Kenya. Why is every body go-go-ga-ga over that ?
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