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BDFlag On the stupidity of predictions

For those that are beating the drums of false hopes and your dream visions of test win.....

Save it till Day 3...if we are still in it.

DO NOT predict a fierce trembling win of any sort..

DO NOT invoke unadulterated passion for a WIN.

DO show your unwavering SUPPORT for the team.

DO speak good and evil about our players ONLY.

Ur motivation does not reach the field or the players. I learned it the hard way. No one sees the urgency or logic in the field. U cannot shout it to them. Do not try to persuade the BD players from your laptop. Just hope....that they understand better and do better.

If they could call a timeout and listen to BC members' recommendations..that would be great. But there is no system like that. Except perished hopes and apologies of stupid mistakes after everything is done and nothing can be changed about missed opportunities

So please...hold everything you MUST say till much much later in the test. If its an utter embarrassment like the last 7 years, you can switch off the laptop and come back at it later.

If its a success...I suggest you write your heart out for the next one month.

Best of Wishes, Team Bangladesh. Hope you would not put down every little hope of every little supporter of this burdened nation.
Statistics is ONLY a guide. It is not ABSOLUTE, and is a terrible predictor
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