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Default Expat possibly moving back to Bangladesh: question about work opportunities

I have lived in the US for almost a decade, and got my undergrad and MBA degrees here. Now the time has come for me to decide where I want to settle down.

I would have settled down here in the US, except I hate living away from my family (my parents and siblings). It didn't affect me as much when I was younger, but now, since I am thinking of settling down, I would at least want to have the opportunity of having them around me if they so desire. To do so, if I decide to settle down in the US, would take far too long.

So I have been considering moving back to Bangladesh. What I am wondering is how the job market is in Bangladesh. I know the economy is in the shitter and unemployment has never not been a problem there, but for expats who have explored the option of moving back or have already moved back, what's your experience been? I know some of our fellow BCers have moved back; do you pretty much have to resort to working for your family business or something along those lines? Is there a formal job market in Bangladesh? What do you do when you are/were job hunting? What about headhunters? I am assuming there are no careerbuilder, theladder or other internet job search websites that cater to the Bangladeshi market; so what avenues should I focus on?

Also, I haven't been to Bangladesh in over five years. I know I should expect to see some change in Dhaka; anything major I should know about? Any and all help is appreciated.
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