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Originally Posted by HereWeGo
Well I am really glad that u are atleast contemplating the idea of moving back to Bangladesh. I really feel that our country neeeds experts on all disciplines. While the pay in Bangladesh will never be as lucrative as north america it is still howver worth going back.
I am currently ding my undergrads in Canada. While I am sure that bangladesh will never even pay me 10% the money that I can earn here howver I am going back for sure. I just have 1 life and It is more important for me to live this life with the people who love me the most and whom I love the most. I am sure it is a much harder decision if u are merried but I am sure it is not impossible.....

Please go back....the gain is worth the pain...
HereWeGo, you are right. I'd definitely have to take a huge paycut if I move to Bangladesh but I am willing to do so as long as it's reasonable. I'd been passively investigating the move for a few months, but right now, I would really like to explore all avenues and see what's out there. Thank you for the encouragement. I am not married; however, I am in a relationship and I realize I'd probably have to end it before I move. I'm ok with that. Family comes before everything else, so if it's a sacrifice I have to make, so be it. I wish you the best and hopefully, both you and I will be able to move back to Bangladesh soon.
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